RWANDA - Mahembe #5 (Washed)

RWANDA - Mahembe #5 (Washed)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Rwanda - Mahembe #5 250g

This year it’s Lot #5 that made the cut and we are very happy to receive the new harvest! Mahembe washing station is owned and run by Justin Musabyiama and located in Nyamasheke. This lot was harvested in May this year and is a fully washed process made up of the red bourbon variety and is a combination of cherry picked by Justin on his own farm of 8 hectares and local smallholders surrounding him at around 1900masl. The collective work of the staff and producers combined with careful picking, sorting and processing is what makes this coffee so superb. In the cup it’s blueberry muffin with a caramel glaze.

Due to the pandemic situation and the uncertainty it has caused we guaranteed our purchase of coffee late last year alongside other roasters, so that importer Nordic Approach could book in containers with confidence and Mahembe could produce great coffees with the knowledge that they would be sold. This year they have continued improvements on the mill and installed shade beds to experiment with shade drying coffee, as opposed to drying in the direct sunlight.

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