RWANDA - Gasharu Intego (Experimental Anaerobic)

RWANDA - Gasharu Intego (Experimental Anaerobic)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Rwanda - Gasharu Intego Experimental 250g

Note: Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, Rosehip

New crop from Gasharu has arrived and this year we have a few different experimental lots for you! To start us off, we have Intego - which means resolution and is named after the trial and error process it took to get to this flavour profile! This lot is made up of the Bourbon variety grown at between 1800 and 2110 masl and the process is basically a 60 hour anaerobic fermentation in a tank followed by about 30 days of drying on raised beds. Thorough sorting of cherry is also an important precursor to processing this coffee. The younger farmers are now responsible for carrying out these experimental processes, while the older generation of farmers - mainly women - do the sorting, which provides them with extra income. What to expect in the cup? It’s a bright kiwi fruit acidity coupled with very sweet dragon fruit and a little rose hip tea.