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RWANDA - Gasharu Impano (Anaerobic)

RWANDA - Gasharu Impano (Anaerobic)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

RWanda - Gasharu Impano 250g

Note: Stone Fruit, Tropical, A Touch of Funk
Variety: Bourbon
Location: Nyamasheke District
Altitude: 1700-2100masl
Process: Anaerobic
Harvest: 2022
Washing Station: Gasharu

Last year we had the Intego, a wonderfully sweet, kiwi noted coffee that became a favourite in the cafe and at the roastery. This year we have a special gift for you, the Impano, which literally translates to “gift” in Kinyarwanda; an experimental anaerobic Bourbon variety that reminds us of sweet pastries and stone fruits with a slight funk.