PERU - Flavio Ccori (Washed)

PERU - Flavio Ccori (Washed)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Peru - Flavio Ccori 250g  

Note: Apricot, Golden Kiwi, Sugar Cane
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Flavio Ccori Soncco
Region: Puno
Altitude: 1700masl
Process: Washed
Harvest: 2023

Our second Peruvian microlot in a series of 3 from Cultivar is a washed Bourbon varietal, this is a bright, sweet coffee with notes of apricot, golden kiwi, and sugar cane - sometimes it’s good to go straight in with that sort of info when something is so simply, delightfully, plainly, brilliant. 

The community of Cruz Pata is in Puno, a culturally rich area known as the capital of Peruvian folklore - with over 350 traditional dances. I only know about 5 dances, and I wouldn’t even call them dances, I would call them “moves” and even then it’s more… moveMENTS of the body. Anyway, try not to get bogged down in it. 

The farmer of this coffee, Flavio Cccori Soncco works with his family on the production of only high quality lots. Soncco’s last name also means “heart of gold” in Peruvian, which is the way Cultivar describe him and his family (very different to my last name, which means “son of the black eyed” - kind of ominous).

The family farm Rosas Pata sits at 1780 masl, and in 2022 their coffee came in the top 40 of the Cup of Excellence, pushing them even further into their journey of producing super high quality lots.