"LIMITED & Monthly MAME 21 Coffee" PANAMA - Longboard Symphony Gesha (Natural)

"LIMITED & Monthly MAME 21 Coffee" PANAMA - Longboard Symphony Gesha (Natural)

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Mame (Zurich)

Panama - Longboard Symphony Gesha 150g

Notes: Intense Violet Flower, Cassis, Whiskey Finish

Farmer: Justin Boudeman
Farm: Longboard, misty Mountain
Altitude: 1600masl
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural

Mame cupped this coffee in March 2021 and saw the producer Justin's farm through. So floral, so sweet and complex. Enjoy the layers in the cup.

The coffee for 21 was from the farm Misty Mountain (1500-1750masl) by Longboard, in Boquete, Chiriqui in Panama. The producer Justin Boudeman names himself as a micro producer for ultra specialty coffee - he aims to produce a coffee being scored for 100 points at BOP one day! The coffee this time was named Symphony, because Justin sees that flavours are so well balanced like Symphony. Very violet floral, fruity and sweet - the variety is Geshaand natural - processed. The flavours are Raspberry candies, violet flowers, tropical fruits with the whisky finish.

About Longboard:

Misty Mountain is perched at the top of an impossibly steep, kilometer long drive that rises swiftly through lush cloud forest, isolating it from other farms and the modern world. The screech of monkey and the call of bird let you know you have arrived at a truly remote and magical refuge.

The property consists of 12 hectares, approximately 5 of which are currently planted in Geisha, Catuai, Typica, Pache, and Pacamara, Geisha being the dominant varietal. We continue to expand the plantation each year. The farm rises from an elevation of 1500 to 1750 meters above sea level, with the traditional varietals planted in the lower section, and the Geishas content to dominate the higher elevations. The orientation is primarily south facing with some west with mainly gentle slopes and intermittent flat areas. The southerly exposure allows for more sunlight to penetrate the canopy, while protecting the plantation from the damaging north winds of the dry season.

Much like the Great-Grandfathers of today’s Boquete coffee producers, we have toiled for years against incredible odds to carve this farm from the remote forest, respectfully leaving all large trees, developing our own water system, constructing our own housing, truly starting from scratch with only 2 employees. It has been our passion and it is quite a joy to cup the results! We hope you thoroughly enjoy every delightful sip.