“WBC 8th COFFEE” PANAMA - Janson Lot 541 (Natural Anaerobic)

“WBC 8th COFFEE” PANAMA - Janson Lot 541 (Natural Anaerobic)

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Mame (Zurich)

Panama - Janson Lot 541 150g

This is the Coffee that MAME's Head Barista Daniele Ricci used and placed 8th at the World Barista Championship 2021 in Milan.

Notes: Violet, Red Fruits, Dessert Wine

Region: Volcan
Farm: Janson
Altitude: 1750masl
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural Anaerobic

The coffee is from Los Alpes (1750masl), owned by Janson family, in Volcan, Panama HighLand. This coffee was also presented by our head barista of today, the Italian barista champion of 2020, Daniele Ricci and he got placed 8th at WBC Milan. This particular coffee is the lot 541, only Greentip Gesha, and is natural anaerobic processed. We met Kai Janson this March, cupped together and fell in love with this coffee for the fantastic layers in flavours - and of course the charm of Kai. 

With this coffee the recipe was combined with immersion and drip - to highlight the juicy mouthfeel with notes of pineapple, mango and red grapes.