PANAMA - Finca Santa Teresa Summer Geisha (Natural)

PANAMA - Finca Santa Teresa Summer Geisha (Natural)

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Manhattan (Rotterdam)

Panama - Finca Santa Teresa Summer Geisha 250g

Blood Orange, Star Fruit, Mango

Farm: Finca Santa Teresa
Producer: Toby Smith and co.
Micro region: Santa Clara
Altitude: 1550masl
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural

We are thrilled to release our first Geisha from Finca Santa Teresa this year!

This incredible natural Geisha comes from the Finca Santa Teresa estate in Santa Clara. The team at Santa Teresa has long been involved in the global high-end coffee market, but actually, their primary sale is of large-scale high-quality traditional varieties (Catuai and Caturra).

Finca Santa Teresa’s Summer plot produces shade-grown coffee from 12-year old trees. This beautiful plot, which faces the sunrise is situated at an average elevation of 1550 MASL. To achieve this natural process the cherry is picked when fully ripe and within hours spread out on raised beds under high altitude sun. The cherry is turned every few hours for even drying. This drying takes 4-6 weeks

In the cup expect a typical FST natural Geisha. Notes of blood orange, star fruit, and mango are forward and the coffee is super juicy.