PANAMA - Finca Auromar Lot 1 Vietnam (Natural)

PANAMA - Finca Auromar Lot 1 Vietnam (Natural)

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Mame (Zurich)

Panama Finca Aurmoar Lot 1 Vietnam 150g

Notes: Jasmine, Orange, Bubble Gum Finish

Region: Chriqui
Farm: Finca Aurmoar
Altitude: 1600masl
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural

This is the coffee from Monthly MAME 15 August.

In the cup, you will have beautiful floral notes like Jasmine, tropical notes like pineapple and long after of peach.

The name of the lot Vietnam comes from the fact that the area where this lot is produced took so many years to develop coffee culture.

We are so happy with this coffee as it comes from a legendary producer Roberto Brenes. We went to Panama in March this year to visit his farm and we were amazed.

The Auromar Farm “Finca la Aurora” is situated between 1570 and 1770 MASL in the highlands of Candela, Chiriquí, Republic of Panama.

The finca is comprised of 30.5 hectares (75 acres). The total farmed area is 14.5 hectares in the lower 2/3 of the elevation. The rest, 17 hectares, will remain pristine highland tropical forest in the highest parts of the property. The cultivated area has been painstakingly developed to strike a balance between coffee yields and forest preservation.

Shade is provided by endemic species of trees and high-altitude Hass avocado trees. As shade is much heavier than in other farms in the region (1-4), the area enjoys a stable microclimate offering very little swings from day heat to night chill. Also, because of altitude, the harvest begins late in December and ends in mid-March.

The cherries take full benefit of the drop in humidity between December and January at seasons' change, and the sunny dry summer that runs through mid-April.

The outcome of such combination, forest, shade and late harvest is a limited-supply, highly complex beans in each harvest.