"LIMITED & Monthly MAME 24 Coffee" PANAMA - Carmen Gesha #212 (Washed, Hot & Cold Fermentation)

"LIMITED & Monthly MAME 24 Coffee" PANAMA - Carmen Gesha #212 (Washed, Hot & Cold Fermentation)

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Mame (Zurich)

Panama - Carmen Gesha #212 150g

Notes: Jasmine, White Tea, Apricot

Region: Chriqui
Farmer: Jean-Paul Langenstein
Farm: Carmen Estate - Franceschi coffees
Altitude: 1800masl
Variety: Gesha #212
Process: Washed, Hot & Cold Fermentation

This coffee was featured in Monthly MAME 24.

In the cup, you will find a bouquet of flowers with Jasmin and Rose, followed by flavors of Jasmin, white tea and an apricot finish. An elegant cup.

This coffee grows at Carmen Estate, in the chiriqui region in panama. In the Carmen Estate, we found Franceschi Coffees run by Jean-Paul Langenstein.

Jean-Paul is no new to coffee being the husband of Yessie Hartmann the Daughter of Ratibor and Tessie Hartmann. He has been working in coffee for more than 10 years.

The coffees growing at Franceshi are Green Tip Geisha giving these floral notes to the coffee.

Jean-Paul applied a slow fermentation process. It starts by washing the coffee, then being depulped.

Normally, the depulped coffee would go to a cold fermentation. But this year the bacterias activity was too low. In order to accelerate the fermentation, Jean-Paul started a fermentation at ambient temperature "Hot Fermentation" for 1 day. Then a cold Fermentation for 10 days to enhance the sweetness.

That "Hot Fermentation" is an happy accident as it has developed more complexity in the cup.

Then the coffee is dried at night to make sure all the flavors develops.