NICARAGUA - Regalo de Dios Pacarama (Natural)

NICARAGUA - Regalo de Dios Pacarama (Natural)

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Rum Baba (Amsterdam)

Nicaragua - Regalo de Dios 250g

Profile: Sweet, smooth cup, Dried prunes. Like a hug in a mug.
Area: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicarague
Farm: Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada, Finca Un Regalo de Dios
Varietal: Pacamara
Processing: Natural

This coffee we acquired through a trading partner offering full transparency on the trade. Nicaragua is relatively new to us as a producing region. With an introduction cupping of fresh harvest coffee producers of Nicaragua this lot immediately stood out and matched the cup profile we were looking for.

About the green coffee: Finca Un Regalo de Dios is run by the Balledarez family. Luis Alberto manages the farm together with his son. It is a relatively large farm where they grow varieties like Red & Yellow Catuai, Pacamara, Maracaturra, Java, Bourbon, Catimore, and some Hybrids. The farm is surrounded by cloud forest, providing a moderate climate at the altitude between 1350 and 1700 masl. The Balledarez business includes a (dry)Mill too, offering the ability to control the full process from picking to preparing beans for export.

That's where we see Louis Albertos focus; controlling and analyzing the processing of his harvest in detail. He aims for stable conditions during processing by a 'closed' environment (Shade nets and low temperatures). He prizes the natural environment of his farm and realize the 'wonky' situation we find ourselves in with climate change. Only organic products are used at the farm like natural fertilizers and water filters (for processing purposes).

This particular lot we acquired is a natural processed Pacamaras variety,  dried around 30 days. We aim for high sweetness, round mouthfeel with a mellow fruity character in the cup. Believing this coffee excels in these qualities, a great coffee to start the day!