KENYA - Kiaga AA (Washed)

KENYA - Kiaga AA (Washed)

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Mame (Zurich)

Kenya - Kiaga AA 250g

Notes: Blackberry, Blood Orange, Thyme

Region: Nyeri
Farmers: Othaya Farmers’ co-op
Altitude: 1300-1830masl
Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Process: Fully washed

Kiaga is MAME's second Kenya this year. More classic Kenyan profile you can not.

It's all what we love about Kenyan coffee, bright acidity supported by high sweetness. Red Currant acidity and flavors of Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

Kiaga wetmill is part of Othaya Farmers’ Cooperative Society Limited, one of a few washing stations or “factories” that form the coop group based in the heartland of Kukuyu territory, Nyeri. The mill processes an average of 270,000kg of coffee cherries per year sourced from over 700 farmers. The total farmed area is 104.3 acres with individual trees yielding between 5 and 10kg of cherries per season.

The coffee is wet processed, where the fully ripe cherries are:
• Pulped
• Fermented for 12 - 48 hours (depending on climatic conditions)
• Washed
• Dried slowly over 2 - 3 weeks on raised African beds until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12%.
The coffee is then processed at Othaya dry mill where it is rested in parchment for 3 weeks before being hulled, cleaned and graded by bean size.