KEEN Espresso Tasting Set - Direct Trade

KEEN Espresso Tasting Set - Direct Trade

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Keen (Utrecht)

Inside the Keen Espresso Tasting Set, you will get:

Three bags each filled with 250g of coffee beans roasted for espresso:

• Danilo Natural, Costa Rica
• Jaguara, Brazil
• Intimpa, Peru
All these coffees are from direct relations with the farmers


The story – the farm

Danilo Natural – This dairy-like coffee features a surprising flavour combination: bold mango notes, combined with sweet sugarcane and slightly tangy gooseberry make way for more sophisticated, soft flavours, such as white grape, cocoa nibs and plum.

  • Farm: San Christobal Del Llana
  • Producer: Danilo Salazar
  • Region: West Valley, Narinjo
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catoi, Villa Sarchi
  • Altitude: 1,750m 
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest Period: December
  • Flavour: Sugarcane, gooseberry, mango, white grape, cacao nibs & plum


Jaguara – Jaguara goes a little off the nut-flavoured beaten track with praline notes. Once you’re all warm and cozy from those chocolate-y notes, it hits you with an acidic, orange-flavoured right hook. Getting knocked out has never felt this good!

  • Farm/Cooperative/Label: Jaguara
  • Producteur: Antônio Wander Garcia, André Luíz Garcia, Rubem Carlos Lima
  • Region: Campo das Vertentes
  • Varietal: Yellow Catuaí
  • Altitude: 960 – 1040m
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest period: July – September


Intimpa – Drinking Intimpa will make you feel like you’re surrounded by warm, furry animals who are trying to feed you their cuteness. Sweet caramel and pear notes are alternated with the tangy freshness of orange. You’ll also notice some delectable plum and red apple notes.

  • Producers: Nehipe community
  • Region: Cajamarca, San Ignacio, Chinchipe
  • Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo
  • Altitude: 1,650m – 1,800m
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Harvest Period: July – October
  • Flavour: Caramel, pear, orange, stroopwafel, plum & red apple