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Brewing Session - Special Guests 🇬🇧
Brewing Session - Special Guests 🇬🇧

Brewing Session - Special Guests 🇬🇧

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We’ll host a brewing session on one of our favourite roaster in the UK, owned by the legendary, Paul Ross.

Special Guests from United Kingdom🇬🇧 (2 Sessions)

The full bean details list out as below, 1 pc of Just a Moment dessert is included. 
As always we round off the session with a Q&A, and 10% off on any coffee during the sessions.


Special Guests Session 🇬🇧 

Session 1:
31/7 Monday 1930-2130
HKD 400, 2-5 guests

Session 2:
6/8 Sunday 1030-1230
HKD 400, 2-5 guests

B E A N L I S T:
• Colombia El Diviso Ombligon
• Ecuador La Papaya Typica Mejorado
• Colombia El Obraje Geisha
• Bolivia Los Rodriguez Geisha
• Colombia Finca Zarza Pink Bourbon
• Panama Janson Geisha 100X