GUATEMALA - Santa Isabel (Washed)
GUATEMALA - Santa Isabel (Washed)
GUATEMALA - Santa Isabel (Washed)
GUATEMALA - Santa Isabel (Washed)

GUATEMALA - Santa Isabel (Washed)

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Market Lane (Melbourne)

Guatemala - Santa Isabel 250g

This coffee tastes like nectarine and pineapple with a toffee finish.

Origin: Cobán, Guatemala
Variety: caturra
Process: washed
Producer: Luis Valdés
Relationship length: since 2011

We’ve been offering coffee from the Valdés family since 2011. Their 300-hectare farm sits in Guatemala’s beautiful, rugged Alta Verapaz Department, where the lush rainforest, cool climate and plentiful rainfall create great conditions for growing coffee.

Santa Isabel farm is owned by Luis Valdés and run by his son Luis ‘Wicho’ Valdés, a fifth-generation coffee farmer who grew up watching and helping his dad on the farm. He later went on to study Agriculture before returning to work on the farm in 1998. Wicho now runs Santa Isabel with passion, innovation and a precise attention to detail.

This coffee was processed using the washed method – the ripe cherries were picked and transported to the farm’s on-site wet mill, where they were pulped and fermented. The coffee was then dried, first on outdoor patios and then in a greenhouse. This is a special selection from Santa Isabel. Each day-lot from the farm was cupped (tasted), and the sweetest, most floral and complex beans were combined to create this vibrant and distinct lot of coffee.