ETHIOPIA - Worka Chelbesa (Hydro)

ETHIOPIA - Worka Chelbesa (Hydro)

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Black & White (North Carolina)

Ethiopia - Worka Chelbesa 340g





In 2020 we were able to partner with Atlantic Specialty Coffee to commission three uniquely processed lots from one of our favorite washing stations - Worka Chelbesa. You've probably already enjoyed the first coffee from that project, Worka Chelbesa CM Washed.

The Hydro lot from Worka Chelbesa is probably the most innovative of the three. This is the first time we've seen this style of fermentation done in Ethiopia. Hydro process coffees are being pioneered through partnerships with Atlantic - we've seen some promising results from this first year.

This method begins with ripe coffee cherries spread over raised beds. In naturally processed coffees, the cherries are left in direct sunlight to dry. Here, however, black plastic tarps are spread over the cherries. This traps moisture and heat, creating a humid environment that kick-starts the fermentation of the coffee cherries. After 24 hours, the seeds are pulped from the rest of the fruit and rinsed to remove excess fruit mucilage. From here, the seeds are placed back on raised beds to finish drying. 

This coffee is both dynamic and delicate. Light florality is supported by the intense sweetness of blue raspberry, sugary peaches, and melon sorbet. We're excited for you to try the results of the first Hydro processed coffee from Worka Chelbesa!

Farm | Smallholder farmers organized around the Chelbesa coffee mill

Process | Hydro

Elevation | 1800 - 1900 masl