ETHIOPIA - Sakicha (Extended Natural)

ETHIOPIA - Sakicha (Extended Natural)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Ethiopia - Sakicha  250g

Note: Creamy, Papaya, Mango, Herbal
Variety: Local Landrace
Farm: Sakicha Village, Bule Hora
Region: West Guji
Altitude: 2155masl
Process: Extended Natural
Harvest: 2021


Ethiopian coffees and fermentation. A match made in heaven. We love the brightness, the vibrancy, and the allround complexity of these sorts of coffees; and after the joy of our last anaerobic Ethiopia the Negele, we have a new big name in town. The Sakicha Fermented from the Guji region. 

High, high up in Guji at 2155 masl lies the Sakicha Station - its prime location/proximity to the local village, and ideal weather temperatures make it the perfect place to be producing quality coffee with local farmers. 

There are 14 fermentation tanks on site, and coffees are fermented for 72 hours! Drying takes a further 18 days and then the beans are nearly ready for showtime. This extended natural process brings out a creamy funky profile with mango and papaya.