“UN005” ETHIOPIA - Gesha Village Oma 23/E40 Gesha 1931 (Special Fermemtation)

“UN005” ETHIOPIA - Gesha Village Oma 23/E40 Gesha 1931 (Special Fermemtation)

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Un Release 005: Ethiopia - Gesha Village Oma23/E40 Gesha 1931 100g

You'll experience a unique and layered flavour profile of strawberry, peach with a strong florality. 

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Gesha 1931
Process: Special Fermentation
Altitude: 1931-2040 mASL

Gesha Village is internationally renowned, for good reason - the coffee they produce is consistently world-class. The estate is a 471-hectare coffee farm, built by Rachel Samuel, Adam Overton and Willem Boot, in Bench Maji, Ethiopia. Over 8 different blocks, each with their own characteristics, they produce 3 different varieties, Gori Gesha, Illubabor Forest and Gesha 1931. 

This lot was selected from the top tier of the Gesha Village offering outside of auction. It was was grown in the 67.6 hectare Oma block and is a Gesha 1931. It has undergone a 'Special Fermentation'. This is a semi-anaerobic natural process where freshly picked cherries are fermented for 109 hours in a sub-terrain concrete tank before drying and processed as a traditional natural, which adds a layer of complexity to the final cup.