EL SALVADOR - Puerto Arturo (Natural)

EL SALVADOR - Puerto Arturo (Natural)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

El Salvador - Poritlllo Fes 250g

Note: Stone Fruit, Fermented Red Grapes, Dark Chocolate Finish
Variety: Portillo
Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti
Region: Cerro Al Aguila
Altitude: 1500-1670masl
Process: 48hr Cherry Maceration
Harvest: 2021

Several decades of work and cultivation have gone into the creation of the Portillo variety, starting with a man’s determination to have his own. Salvador Portillo was instrumental in the discovery of the Pacas variety, and after sending it off to a lab for analysis the variety was attributed to the lab manager - a sad and disappointing story but it led to something even more magic. 

Portillo’s commitment to the creation of this new variety spurred on decades of cross-pollination and isolation of the strongest, most densely populated bushes. Once he was happy with his variety, he gave the Ruffati family farm - Finca El Salvador - a collection of seeds, and on the farm the development continued with the ongoing selection of the best trees (which are now on their own 3rd generation). 

Finca’s processing methods really bring this variety to life, with a 48 hour maceration which promotes the enzymatic transfer of aroma. This process is something we’re used to with some of the FES lots, and it produces a cup that’s fruitier and funkier than a regular natural process.