EL SALVADOR - Manzano SL34 (Honey)

EL SALVADOR - Manzano SL34 (Honey)

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Three Marks (Barcelona)

El Salvador - Manzano 250g

Notes Orange Candy, Honey, Blackcurrant

Producer Emilio López
Process Honey
Region Apaneca, Llamatepec
Variety SL34
Altitude 1350 - 1550 masl

The Project
This coffee comes from Emilio’s flagship El Manzano farm, which is planted with 90% Red Bourbon. The beneficio has been set up directly at the farm, allowing cherries to be processed extremely quickly to preserve all their freshness.
Located 16 km from the city and volcano of Santa Ana, also called Ilamatepec in Nahuatl (an Uto-Aztecan language).
El Manzano is situated in a volcanic terroir at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,550 metres and covers 75 hectares. It belongs to Margarita Diaz de Lopez, the great-granddaughter of its founder, Cornelius Lemus.

The Coffee
Emilio concocted this microlot with the Kenyan variety SL 34.
This variety was identified in Kenya in the 1930s because of its good cup quality and its drought resistance.

Emilio has a varietal garden on his farm, which allows him to experiment and introduce new varieties such as SL 28, SL 34, Geisha and Pacamara.

This microlot of SL 34 was isolated, honey processed and then dried on patios.