EL SALVADOR - Los Morales Geisha (Natural)

EL SALVADOR - Los Morales Geisha (Natural)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

El Salvador - Los Morales Geisha 250g

The return of Geisha from Los Morales! Henry Milton Morales owns and runs his farm Los Morales, growing mainly Gesha and Pacamara varieties located in front of the Montecristo Cloud Forest in the Alotepeque mountain range. It is the third year that we have gotten this natural process Gesha variety, grown at between 1800 and 2000 masl and it’s better than ever. In the cup it’s very sweet and floral with a full juicy body.

Memories and childhood stories are what led the Morales Family to seek land in the highest areas of the Alotepeque mountain range.
Milton’s father, decades before had lost his farm land due to the civil war in El Salvador and had fled to the city of Metapan with his family.
Years later, after much work and effort Milton returned to that land with the goal of continuing his fathers dream and helping those less fortunate around him to develop the area and cultivate great coffee again. He found an even better plot of land, at a higher elevation than his fathers and put his bets on some exotic coffee varieties, which he planted in the hope that they would thrive in the conditions. It paid off!

Note: Blackcurrant, Peach, Lime