EL SALVADOR - Finca El Salvador Kenya 48 (Anaerobic)

EL SALVADOR - Finca El Salvador Kenya 48 (Anaerobic)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

El Salvador - Finca El Salvador Kenya 48 250g

Note: Caramel, Molasses Stewed Plum Jam

A last coffee for this harvest from Finca El Salvador again, but this one is a little special, it’s a small lot from the ‘Kenya’ variety that Rodolfo propagated and grew on his farm on the slopes of the Cerro el aguila mountain, in Apaneca-Ilamatepec. Story has it that this variety was brought back from a hunting trip in Kenya and was grown but later abandoned only to be rescued again.You may remember the Kenya variety from Divina coffee farm, which is not far from Finca El Salvador. On a trip around the mountain top looking for coffees to process, Rodolfo found Divina and ended up doing his second ever natural process with this variety. Rodolfo collected some seeds and planted them in 2014 on Finca El Salvador. It is only growing at higher elevations on the farm and he is separating the cherry manually and using a natural process with the trusty 48hr cherry maceration. In the cup is sweet milk chocolate but with a bright and complex ‘kenyan’ acidity!