Cupping Session : Rogue Wave 🇨🇦

Cupping Session : Rogue Wave 🇨🇦

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Rogue Wave 🇨🇦


Welcome to the Rogue Wave Coffee cupping!
We’ll cup 7 coffees including some limited roast coffee, eg: Abu Gesha Ply’s process, Granja Paraiso 92 3 varieties…etc

We'll discuss and taste the coffee, as always we round up the session with a Q&A.
For the People who join the event, you can enjoy 10% off to buy any coffee beans during the session. 
B E A N L I S T:

Limited Roast
Panama Abu Gesha RW-01GN Ply’s Process ASD Natural
Panama Finca Carmen Gesha Washed
Colombia Granja Paraiso 92 Gesha P-10
Colombia Granja Paraiso 92 Java
Colombia Granja Paraiso 92 Pink Bourbon

Ethiopia Teshome Gemechu Washed
Mexico La Joya Caturra Amarillo GP Experimental Natural

24/4 19:15 Monday

HKD 200, max 7 people (Approx. 75 mins)