COSTA RICA - Volcan Azul Typica 2021 Vintage (Anaerobic Natural)
COSTA RICA - Volcan Azul Typica 2021 Vintage (Anaerobic Natural)
COSTA RICA - Volcan Azul Typica 2021 Vintage (Anaerobic Natural)

COSTA RICA - Volcan Azul Typica 2021 Vintage (Anaerobic Natural)

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Costa Rica - Volcan Azul Typica 2021 250g

Intense and focused while maintaining a clean, crisp finish this 2021 Vintage lot of Volcan's anaerobic Typica shows dried citrus, papaya and strawberry yogurt.

Producer: Castro-Kahle Family
Region: Poas, West Valley
Altitude: 1600-1650masl
Variety: Typica
Process: Anaerobic Natural

Volcan Azul

The Castro-Kahle family began producing coffee in the early days of the 19th century. All these years later, the family continues to produce coffee in three different volcanic regions in Costa Rica. At Volcan Azul, a wide and ever growing selection of varieties are planted. VA pushes boundaries of quality and experimentation by continusouly refining the various processing methods used on the farm; creating many distinct varietal expressions. All of this done with an eye towards environmental stewardship. Over the years, the Castro-Kahle family has acquired over 1,500 hectares of Costa Rican rainforest for ecological protection.

West Valley

About 25% of the coffee grown in Costa Rica comes from the West Valley region. Elevations here range from 900-1400 masl, and the region is blessed with a variety of micro-climates suitable for coffee production. A substantial portion of the country's Cup of Excellence winners come out of the West Valley.


​​Like Bourbon, Typica made its way out of Yemen by way of colonization. In this case, the Dutch transported seeds to their colonial holdings in South America in 1719, from there the variety made its way to Brazil and then to the West Indies. Eventually, the English brought Typica to the Caribbean, from there, they were sent to Central America, where they were widely dispersed.

Typica has very high quality potential at high altitudes in Central America. Unfortunately, it is highly susceptible to disease.


Anaerobic Natural

Fermented in a sealed, oxygen free tank using only indigenous yeast for fermentation. Time, temperatue and ph are carefully monitored at every stage to ensure flavour clarity.