COSTA RICA - El Diamante Esnider Rodrigues SL28 (Natural Anaerobic)

COSTA RICA - El Diamante Esnider Rodrigues SL28 (Natural Anaerobic)

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Keen (Utrecht)

Costa Rica - El Diamante Esnider Rodrigues SL28 125g

The crazy-good acidity of green apple notes go perfectly with the sweet flavours of cinnamon and papaya. This lemonade-like cup is fresh af and leaves you with a black-cherry-and-dark-chocolate-flavoured kiss.

  • Farm: Los Manantiales
  • Producer: Esnider Rodrigues
  • Region: West Valley (Lourdes de Naranjo)
  • Varietal: SL-28
  • Altitude: 1600
  • Process: Natural Anaerobic
  • Harvest Period: January – February
  • Flavor: Black cherry, Lime, Grape, dark chocolate

      Flavour profile

      Anaerobic fermentation is a well-known process nowadays. The El Diamante that Esteban Villalobos created was one of the first to undergo this fermentation process back in 2015. This year, we’ve selected a couple of anaerobically fermented coffees from Esteban’s region. While all of them were fermented in the same way, the variety, terroir and elevation where the cherries were grown are different, making it a perfect selection to show you exactly what Esteban’s anaerobic process is all about!