COLOMBIA - Santuario Project Pink Bourbon (Purple Honey)

COLOMBIA - Santuario Project Pink Bourbon (Purple Honey)

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Criteria (Melbourne)

Colombia - Santuario Project Pink Bourbon 200g

Tastes of: Cotton Candy, Wine Gum, Blueberry, Warm Lemon

Origin: Quinidio
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Purple Honey
Producer: Edwin Norena

Edwin Norena is a third generation coffee farmer as well as an agroindustrial engineer. With his experience and knowledge he produces exceptional coffees on his farm.

This Purple Honey process is complex with numerous vital components. Firstly, cherries are carefully selected according to the sugar concentration. These cherries are soaked and undergo an initial anaerobic fermentation for 12 hours with crushed cherry pulp, this step provides extra sugars to ferment. The cherries are then depulped leaving 75% of the mucilage and then are anaerobically fermented again for 18 hours.

With farms located in Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico, The Santuario Project brings together a world of coffee knowledge coupled with decades of farming experience and a commitment to achieving the best growing, processing and farming outcomes.

Our third Santuario release is a standout Pink Bourbon with Purple Honey processing. Tastes of: Cotton Candy, Wine Gum, Blueberry, Warm Lemon

With a total of 6 (yes 6!) new Colombian coffee’s planned for release, we have a very exciting collection of special releases, small lots, interesting processing methods and flavour experiences ready to share with you.