COLOMBIA - Paola Trujillo Wush Wush (CM Washed)

COLOMBIA - Paola Trujillo Wush Wush (CM Washed)

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Black & White (North Carolina)

Colombia - Paola Trujillo Wush Wush 340g

Wush Wush is a rare Colombian varietal which is believed to have originated in Ethiopia, and the flavor profile of this lot certainly lends itself to that proposed lineage. It's floral and citrusy, reminding us of elderflower and lemon zest, with hints of stone fruit, like apricot. It's vibrant, clean, and sweet - like honey - all of which remind us of its likely African origin. But there's some nuance to it, too, and the Colombian terroir is certainly not lost in this lovely washed flavor profile.

Roast | Omni

Origin | Caldono, Cauca, Colombia

Producer | Paola Trujillo

Farm | Patio Bonito

Process | CM Washed

Variety | Wush Wush

Elevation | 1570-1650 masl

MEET THE PRODUCER | Paola Trujilo grew up on her father's farm in Caldono, Cauca, which has been producing coffee in the region for over four decades. Where her father, Don Carlos Trujillo, is invested in sustainable agricultural practices, Paola complements his passion by spearheading fermentation and processing endeavors at Patio Bonito. This lot, a rare Wush Wush variety, underwent carbonic maceration at a controlled temperature before being washed - a process which Paola oversaw and executed with precision and excellence, as it seems she does all things in her life. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | After being picked at peak harvest, these coffee cherries underwent aerobic fermentation for 24 hours. Then, they were placed in GrainPro bags for 50 hours of anaerobic fermentation, during which time CO2 was added to the fermentation environment. Finally, the cherries were pulped, gently washed, and placed on raised beds to dry.