COLOMBIA - Juan Sepulveda “Bomba de Fruta” (Natural)

COLOMBIA - Juan Sepulveda “Bomba de Fruta” (Natural)

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Supreme roastworks (Oslo)

Colombia - Juan Sepulveda “Bomba de Fruta” 250g

Juicy and intense, plum and peach.
Well structured with great depth.

Region: Narino
Variety: Cautrra, Colombia
Process: Natural, Bomba de Fruta

The most distinctive thing about this coffee is that it is a natural Colombian! In the case of this coffee the cherry was first fermented for 90 hours before being dried in the parabolic drier for 8 days.

In recent years we have loved finding distinctive and well processed natural coffees from the different countries we work in. This coffee is no exception. In fact, it was so great we developed a new concept: Bomba de Fruta.

We have been working with our partners to produce more natural coffees, and sharing our protocols for drying whole cherry in order to produce coffees with great fruit plus great clarity. They can be coffees from individual producers or, blends of different producers depending on the volumes available.

This coffee is made up of deliveries of natural processed coffees from four different producers