COLOMBIA - Jammy Plum (Natural)

COLOMBIA - Jammy Plum (Natural)

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Dak (Amsterdam)

Colombia - Jammy Plum 250g

Plum, Watermelon, Dark Chocolate, Winey

Region: Huila
Altitude: 1700m
Variety: Pink Blossom
Process: Natural

We are very excited to share this coffee with you, for those who enjoy fermented coffee, this one is perfect. A jammy and winey coffee from Nestor Lasso that doesn’t disappoint!
This natural Pink Bourbon stays in its cherry with heat control from 80-90 hours. When the temperature reaches 25°C, the beans are submerged in water to start a fermentation process of 180 hours. The coffee is then dried in the sun between 15 and 20 days. Nestor who is only 22 years old spends most of his time roasting samples, cupping and learning. He is greatly inspired by novelty and is very passionate about fermentation and most of all natural processes.