COLOMBIA - Jimena Rivera Geisha (Anaerobic Natural)

COLOMBIA - Jimena Rivera Geisha (Anaerobic Natural)

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Manhattan (Rotterdam)

Colombia - Jimena Rivera Geisha 250g

Strawberry, Green Grape, Violet

Farm: Las Marias
Producer: Jose Giraldo
Micro region: Pijao, Quindio
Altitude: 1950masl
Variety: Geisha

We are thrilled to bring you even more coffee from Colombia!

Named after his lovely wife Jimena Rivera, this is a stunning Geisha by way of José Giraldo at Cafe 1959. Jose is a 3rd generation coffee producer in a family that has been growing coffee for over 50 years. His father (who has a Ph.D. in food engineering) was the driving force behind researching the effects of different processing methods and logging them in the lab. Jose carried on this interest and has designed a series of his own methodology for processing coffee. He implements these methods on both coffee they grow at the family estate, Las Marias, as well as with cherries they buy from partner farms across Colombia.

The Las Marias Estate sits at an altitude of 1950masl within the forests of the Andes Mountain Range. On the farm they have planted only rare and exotic varieties.

This coffee underwent 60 hours of anaerobic fermentation before being transferred to African-style raised beds for slow drying. José also stalls the drying at around the 192nd hour to increase the microbial load and encourage the natural yeast to ferment further.

This coffee is absolutely deserving of our Competition category and is an utterly delightful expression of natural processed Geisha.

In the cup we're tasting notes of strawberry, green grape and violet.