COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)
COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)
COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)
COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)

COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)

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A Matter of Concrete (Rotterdam)

Colombia - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha 300g (AMOC Jar)

Profile: Clementine, Orange Peel, a Bouquet of Flowers
Producer: Gustavo Acevedo
Variety: Panamanian Geisha
Region: La Celia, Risaralda, Colombia

Altitude: 1700masl
Process: Washed
Harvest: 2022

If you don’t know what Geisha is, Google it. If you know what Geisha is, this coffee won’t disappoint.

What a stunner coffee from Gustavo Acevedo, brought to us by our good friend Herbert, who also brought us the banging 004, 013 and it won’t be the last coffee he has supplied us with.
We met Herbert, one of the initiators of LaREB, at the Danish Coffee Festival early 2020 and we became instant buddies. After our first meeting in Denmark we planned on meeting again soon, either in Colombia or the Netherlands.
Herbert finally visited the roastery in Spring 2022, where we cupped dozens of coffees and of course had pizza. One of the coffees we cupped was this one and it was love at first sight.

Gustavo, now 70 years old, is a neighbour to Ana Mustafá, you may remember her from our 004 coffee and also, she’s Herberts other half.
He comes from a true coffee farming family and he’s a 5th generation coffee farmer. Gustavo approaches all of his work in an empirical way, meaning he’ll learn from his mistakes and replicate something when it works, while applying chemistry and science to all of his work to prove, check and replicate.

About 5 years ago Gustavo’s daughter Deisy brought Gesha seeds from her trip to Panama and Gustavo started producing Geisha for the first time last year.

After manual harvesting of mature cherries, the cherries are pulped, fermented for 72 hours and washed afterwards.
After this the parchment is dried in the shade first and then in the full sun.

It’s not the first time we say this is a favourite, but seriously, this coffee gave us chills. It’s so elegant, delicate and floral, but has such a pronounced orange citric fruit tone overall. Think orange peel, mandarin, a bouquet of flowers and an extremely clean cup.

This coffee is our pick for the prelims (early October ’22) for the Dutch Barista Championships 2023.*

*this coffee made it into the top 6 finalists of the Dutch Barista Championships for 2023.

AMOC Jar: our AMOC jars are made from fully recyclable PET. They’re light-weight, which means not many resources are necessary for production. And most important: they are reusable for (almost) an eternity.