COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)
COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)

COLOMBIA - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha (Washed)

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Frukt (Truku)

Colombia - Gustavo Acevedo Geisha 125g

Taste: Orange, Tangerine, Floral

Variety: Geisha
Producer: Gustavo Acevedo
Region: La Celia, Risaralda
Altitude: 1700masl
Process: Washed
Harvest: 2021
La Real Expedición Botánica
Importer: La Real Expedición Botánica


This nano lot is Panamanian Geisha from Gustavo Acevedo based in Risaralda, Colombia. Gustavo is a neighbour to Ana Mustafá who is the key person behind our long term partner La Real Expedición Botánica who we buy from in Colombia. This coffee is a real masterpiece. Honestly one of the best coffees we have had the chance to work with so far. And also our first ever Geisha and our first ever special release.

Geisha variety is a prestigious coffee variety that has enjoyed a notoriously high praise in the Specialty Coffee world in the past years. Often seen used on the coffee competitions by World Barista Champions and often reaching very high prices in auctions as well. Geisha variety is associated with extremely high cup quality and it is known for its delicate and distinctively sweet and a very complex flavour profile and very floral aroma.

We found this coffee to be super clean and aromatic. Fantastic actually. Tasting incredibly sweet with notes of orange, orange blossom and tangerine with bright orange like acidity and nice big and juicy mouthfeel.