COLOMBIA - Finca Santuario Red Bourbon (Natural)

COLOMBIA - Finca Santuario Red Bourbon (Natural)

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Criteria (Melbourne)

Colombia - Finca Santuario Red Bourbon 250g

Tastes of: Blackberry, Passionfruit, White Grape, Riesling

Origin: Santuario
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Producer: Camilo Merizalde

One of our favourite producers, Camilo Merizalde of The Santuario Project has once again created a collection of coffees that has us cheering praises for the quality and complexity of flavours that he delivers year after year.

For those not familiar with the history of Santuario it all began 22 years ago when Camilo set out to produce quality not quantity Colombian coffee. Quickly he realised that biological diversity was paramount in creating an environment capable of producing excellent product with a vision to long term sustainability.  Finca Santuario encourages a symbiotic relationship between plant and animal diversity, this is particularly important as the vast majority of varieties grown at Santuario are extremely high quality with a lower yield, typically with greater fragility than most varieties widely grown in the country.  

With farms located in Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico, The Santuario Project brings together a world of coffee knowledge coupled with decades of farming experience and a commitment to achieving the best growing, processing and farming outcomes.

Our first Santuario release is a standout Red Bourbon with Natural processing. Sweetly fragrant with prominent fruit flavours of red berries and crisp white grape it is sure to appeal to our filter drinkers.

With a total of 6 (yes 6!) new Colombian coffee’s planned for release, we have a very exciting collection of special releases, small lots, interesting processing methods and flavour experiences ready to share with you.