COLOMBIA - El Placer Wush Wush (Honey)

COLOMBIA - El Placer Wush Wush (Honey)

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Colonna (Bristol)

Colombia - El Placer Wush Wush 150g

An elegant cup of layered silky sweetness and intriguing herbaceous notes.

Variety: Wush Wush
Process: Honey

We return to the stunning farm of Sebastian Ramirez to experience another of the unique lots from this Quindio-located holding. With a garden of sought-after specialty cultivar we have selected this standout Wush Wush Honey-processed offering.

A variety of Ethiopian heirloom named after the region in which it originally grew, Wush Wush often displays complex compelling cup profiles, with this lot being no exception. Cherries are aerobically fermented in baskets for 24 hours, before pulping and anaerobic fermentation stages lead to 15-20 days of exacting, closely monitored drying.