COLOMBIA - El Eden Laruina (Natural)

COLOMBIA - El Eden Laruina (Natural)

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Black & White (Wake Forest, North Carolina)

Colombia - El Eden Laurina 100g

Light Florals, Limeade, Mango, Vanilla

Farm: El Vergel Estates
Producer: Shady and Elias Bayter
Origin: Tolima
Altitude: 1400masl
Variety: Laurina
Process: Experimental Natural

The Laurina variety is sometimes referred to as natural decaf. The coffee brewed from this variety contains somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the caffeine found in normal arabica coffees. As a result, the plant is more susceptible to insect attack (as caffeine is actually repellant against many insects). The coffee from this variety is incredibly sweet with a near-total lack of bitterness. 

We commissioned this lot of anaerobically processed Laurina at the beginning of this year and we are thrilled to be able to release it just in time for Christmas. We taste light florals and fun limeade acidity. There is a fruity sweetness that reminds us of ripe mango and the finish is lingering vanilla.