COLOMBIA - El Desvelado #3 (Washed)

COLOMBIA - El Desvelado #3 (Washed)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Colombia - El Desvelado #3 250g

El Desvelado is back again! It’s lot #3 this time around, a blend of Colombia and Castillo varieties grown at around 1900 masl and produced by a group of smallholders in the Consaca municipality of Nariño. This coffee was a collaboration between Nordic Approach and Cafe Occidente Co-op to create a “high-end micro blend” from a group of smallholders who produce very small amounts of high quality coffee.  Nariño is a challenging place to work because of its many tiny and remote coffee farms on steep hillsides at high altitudes (up to 2200 masl). This blend is a way to keep supporting these farmers despite the quantity they produce, and it tastes great too! In the cup it’s floral with the classic colombian red apple, cane sugar and plum notes.

Note: Red Apple, Cane Sugar, Plum