COLOMBIA - Diego Samuel El Paraiso (Thermic Shock)

COLOMBIA - Diego Samuel El Paraiso (Thermic Shock)

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Colonna (Bristol)

Colombia - Diego Samuel El Paraiso 150g

An unusually floral, spicy and complex Thermic Shock Castillo from Colombia.

Variety: Castillo
Process: Thermic Shock

The story of Paraiso farm is one of glorious transformation. Located in the Cauca region of Colombia it was once a far more isolated smallholding, but siblings Yenni and Samuel saw potential in the land of their parents and took it on. While Diego studied Agricultural Management, Yenni continued to push forward with cultivation, experimentation and processing on the farm.

Today their name is well known throughout the region, and through innovative technologies they are able to offer incredibly consistent, and challenging, profiles year on year.