Milk Chocolate 57% + Egg tart (50g)
Milk Chocolate 57% + Egg tart (50g)

Milk Chocolate 57% + Egg tart (50g)

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Chocolate: Milk Chocolate 57% Egg Tart Portuguese Style

“Pastel de Nata” is one of the most popular Portuguese sweets in the world. In Portugal, you can find this wonderful pastry in any café, but its origins date back to the “Pasteis de Belém” factory. It was founded in 1837, where it inherited at the time, the ancestral recipe of the Jerónimos monastery. And even today, its original recipe remains a secret.

 In the 1980s, English resident in Macau Andrew Stow visited Portugal, and loved the Pastel de Belém. He wanted to introduce this sweet in Macau, but as he couldn't get the recipe, he reinvented in his own way, applying local ingredients and Macanese taste.

 Thus, one of Macao's most popular sweets, “Egg Tart”, was born. In honor of this sweet connection between Portugal and Macau, we created this special recipe. With inclusions of Portuguese Egg Tart, whose texture of crunchy dough with a touch of cinnamon and lemon, which characterize the Portuguese “Pastel de Nata”. Enjoy this tasty harmonization with the dark milk chocolate, another interpretation of “Pastel de Nata” by FEITORIA DO CACAO.

"Pastel de Nata" 是最受歡迎的葡萄牙甜品之一,你可以在葡萄牙任何cafe都搵到葡撻的蹤影,但這個甜點原是起源於1837年的Pasteis de Belém工場,當時祖傳秘方是傳承於Jerónimos修道院,縱使在今時今日這個秘方仍然是秘密。 在1980年,居住在澳門的英國人Andrew Stow旅遊葡萄牙時,對葡撻一試鍾情,非常喜歡之外還打算帶到澳門製造,但他不知道那製作秘方,而是用自己的方法配合當地材料,製造出澳門味道的葡撻,而澳門著名的葡撻就此誕生。

葡撻聯繫葡萄牙及澳門,Feitoira do Cacao 就創作這特別食材,將葡撻的脆口感包含在朱古力當中,再加入少許葡萄牙”Pastel de Nata"特色的cinnamin及lemon,讓大家享受重新演繹““Pastel de Nata” 牛奶朱古力的協調美味。