BOLIVIA - Los Rodriguez Java (Anaerobic)

BOLIVIA - Los Rodriguez Java (Anaerobic)

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Three Marks (Barcelona)

Bolivia - Los Rodriguez Java 200g

Notes Lychee, Jasmin, Lime.

Farm La Linda
Process 92 Hours Anaerobic Fermentation in Stainless Steel
Region Caranavi, La Paz
Variety Java
Altitude 1482 masl

La Linda is the farm the Buena Vista Project was founded upon. It was the first place Agricafe decided to experiment with producing its own high quality coffee rather than exclusively sourcing it from their producers. With a subtropical climate, rich soil and a privileged location between two forest-covered mountains, La Linda is an ideal place for coffee growing.

La Linda, which means pretty one, gets its name from the first nursery of Java trees that were planted at the farm and grew beautifully. In addition, Pedro was having breakfast at the farm one morning, and as he drank his coffee and looked out at the landscape before him, all he could think was what beautiful sight it was. And so La Linda was named.

The farms holds a special place in hearts of the Agricafe team because of the fundamental role it’s played into making the Buena Vista dream into a reality. After experimenting with different techniques and making plenty of mistakes along the way, La Linda turned into one of Agricafe’s greatest success stories. Not only did it start them on their coffee growing journey, but it also became the foundation for the Sol de la Mañana program.