“Edition 0623-09” BOLIVIA - Los Rodriguez Geisha (Natural)

“Edition 0623-09” BOLIVIA - Los Rodriguez Geisha (Natural)

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Bolivia - Los Rodriguez Geisha 100g

Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1650-1750 mASL

The Rodriguez family have a long history in coffee, beginning in 1986 when they began renting wet mills in the Caranavi region, which over the years led in to building their own wet mill, Buena Vista. The next step came in 2012 when they began coffee farming, which has now grown to 8 farms in Caranavi and 5 in Samaipata, which collectively employ 300 people during peak season.

Surrounded by untouched forest and banana groves, the Los Rodriguez farm in Caranavi allows the geisha varietal to thrive. This coffee has undergone a natural process, neither washed or fermented. It is processed at their wet mill before being sun-dried and then finished in a raised bed dryer, which simulates the changing day and night light cycles.

The farm is well-known for it's incredible coffees, and the family are always looking at new, innovative approaches to push quality. The family's commitment to sustainability has seen it earn the prestigious SCA Sustainability award.

In the cup, this coffee is beautifully balanced. A medium-to-high weight, with flavour notes of strawberry and mango, with a floral flavour and aroma.