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YEMEN - Haraaz Red (Natural)

YEMEN - Haraaz Red (Natural)

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Colonna (Bristol)

Yemen - Haraaz Red 150g

A beautifully clean, “process-light” natural compared to some lots sampled from the origin. A smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel and elegant rounded sweetness in the cup.

Variety: Tuffahi, Dawairi and Jaadi
Process: Natural

Returning to the Yemen it is always a thrill to see the incredible development of its specialty-coffee production. As the quality-focused work of entrepreneurs has enabled the evolution of farms and processing in the country, we are now lucky enough to begin experiencing the origin’s incredible varietal-diversity with clean, crisp cup-profiles.

This lot of Tuffahi, Dawairi and Jaadi from Mohsin Husein al Qishbah has been naturally processed, with results now vastly improved through positive changes in drying and sorting standards. This lot was dried on raised beds and milled in Sana’a.