RWANDA - Intego (Natural Anaerobic)
RWANDA - Intego (Natural Anaerobic)

RWANDA - Intego (Natural Anaerobic)

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Ripsnorter (Rotterdam)

Rwanda - Intego 200g

The coffee ends up being a fruit bomb with jammy sweetness and having a full body.

Intego (Resolution) experimental coffee is the result of the curiosity to explore new methods of fermenting naturals at Gasharu coffee. The final recipe of this coffee was selected after a series of trials in which they have slowly refined the process that finally resulted in this flavour profile. They've named it “Resolution” to celebrate the team's dedication and effort.

This coffee is beyond a simple cup of coffee because of the intentionally created fermentation medium that gives it a strong body and clear taste.

Once cherries are delivered, the workers at the washing station sort and float them in a tank to ensure consistent and good density beans are separated from the others. Then they are put in another tank where they undergo a 60-hours anaerobic fermentation period after which they dry on raised African beds for about 25 to 30 days.