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PERU - Montenegro Gesha (Natural)

PERU - Montenegro Gesha (Natural)

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Colonna (Bristol)

Peru - Montenegro Gesha 150g

This natural Peru Gesha is crisp with a silky, fresh botanical character. A perfect example of the combination of origin and varietal.

Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
We’ve sampled Gesha from all over the world and often present Colombian or Panamanian lots (home of the classical Gesha profile), but many countries now cultivate Gesha and for us many Peruvian lots have incredible clarity and character, regularly picking out their quality from the cupping table.

The farm of Carloman Carranza lies in the Amazonas department of Peru. With torrential rains and landslides on the steep slopes, strategic planning and intercropping is needed to work around these threats. Meticulous practices on the farm produce an exemplary Gesha offering.