PERU - Flavio Ccori Gesha (Washed)

PERU - Flavio Ccori Gesha (Washed)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Peru - Flavio Ccori Gesha 250g

Note: Green Tea, Grapefruit, Cola & Lime
Variety: Gesha
Region: Puno
Farm: Rosas Pata
Farmer: Flavio Ccori Soncco
Altitude: 1780masl
Process: Washed
Harvest: 2023

Last year we had the washed Bourbon from Flavio Ccori - that juicy little Bourbon bean that was filled with kiwi and apricot. This year we have the Gesha, and whilst we try to love all our children equally, the Gesha is kind of like the A*** grade getter. 

Grown at 1780 masl, from his Rosas Pata farm in Puno that frequently competes in the Cup of Excellence, this Gesha is filled with green tea and grapefruit, as well as something that’s evocative of a glass of rum and coke with lashings of lime. Think of a hot summer street parade in the streets of Peru at night, bursting with life as you make your way through with a plastic cup of lime and cola… that’s kinda what this coffee feels like to us.