PANAMA - Finca Santa Teresa Lot 1 Espresso (Washed)
PANAMA - Finca Santa Teresa Lot 1 Espresso (Washed)

PANAMA - Finca Santa Teresa Lot 1 Espresso (Washed)

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Manhattan (Rotterdam)

Panama - Finca Santa Teresa Lot 1 Espresso 250g

Orange, Allspice, Hot Chocolate

Farm: Finca Santa Teresa
Producer: Toby Smith and Co.
Micro region: Santa Clara
ltitude: 1500masl
Variety: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Washed

Formerly "Feliz Navidad" now named FST Lot 1 - Ready to be enjoyed into February!

This year, we are rolling out a washed Caturra and Catuai blend from one of our favorite farms, Finca Santa Teresa in Panama!

This particular lot comprises of some of the first picks of the FST harvest for this year out of the plots Jacaranda, Roger, and Mariposa.

The coffee undergoes a variation of the washed process that gives wonderful characteristics to match well with the holiday times! After the cherries are picked and floated, they are mechanically pulped while leaving the mucilage intact. The coffee is then moved into a large tank where the fermentation process begins. There, the mucilage is removed by the natural enzymes that are created in the fermentation. The coffee is then washed and dried, which takes about 8 to 12 days.

The result is a cup full of orange, allspice and hot chocolate notes! Perfect for this time of year!