PANAMA - Don Benjie Orange Bourbon (Natural CM)

PANAMA - Don Benjie Orange Bourbon (Natural CM)

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Sweven (Bristol)

Panama - Don Benjie Orange Bourbon 227g

– “An extremely rare mutation for Panamanian terroir produced and processed immaculately by our dear friend Stefan Müller”. 

what to expect in the cup

Goji berry, papaya, oolong. Amazingly sweet and smooth with milky texture and distinct complexity of floral tropical fruit and green tea.

Region: Bajo Mono
Variety: Orange Bourbon
Process: Natural CM

After the huge popularity of our CM Geisha release from Stefan, this time we are brining his outstanding Orange Bourbon. Orange Bourbon is a rare mutation of Bourbon varietal that produces distinct orange colour fruits and it’s known for its high quality juicy character with citric notes when executed well. It’s extremely rare to come across Orange Bourbon is particularly in Panama and the surrounding terroir and this is one of the main reasons for what makes this lot so special. On other hand, Don Benjie farm is located in the Bajo Mono canyon with its unique micro-climate contributing further for developing extraordinary complexity in this particular lot. Stefan Müller is one of our favourite producers, known for his immaculate processing and one of the pioneers of Carbonic Maceration in Panama. This tiny lot is processed Carbonic Maceration in stainless steel tanks for 156 hours with CO2 injection and then slow dried for around 30 days and finally left to stabilise. This is a very special coffee with unique character and extraordinary delicate complexity.

Producer Notes

Café Don Benjie Estate, home to Café Don Benjie, consists of 33 hectares in the Highlands of Boquete located in the Bajo Mono Canyon, at the slopes of the Barú Volcano. The farm lies alongside the pristine waters of the Caldera River in the Bajo Mono Canyon and the altitude of the plantation ranges from 1400 to 1550 meters. Bajo Mono is known amongst the best regions for growing great quality coffees, as the region is blessed with volcanic soil, crystal clear spring water fountains, and the afternoon mist that locals call Bajareque, forming one of the many microclimates that make the region famous for specialty coffee growing and some of the best Geisha in the world. The De Dianous Family arrived in Boquete in 1914 w here Gabriel de Dianous purchased the first coffee farm also in Bajo Mono. Ever since then, the family has been in the coffee business. Hacienda Bajo Mono was first owned by an American Lady, Mrs. Archer who was one of the pioneers in Boquete. Dr Renan Esquivel, a very well known Panamanian pediatrician purchased the farm in the 1980s. He was a nature enthusiast and he planted many exotic trees, plants and coffee varietals that are still being preserved by the current owners Jose Benjamin de Dianous G. and Stefan Arwed Müller who started operating the farm in 2011, committed to quality and preserving the environment.