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"Monthly MAME 25 Coffee" PANAMA - Bonita Spring SL28 (Natural)

"Monthly MAME 25 Coffee" PANAMA - Bonita Spring SL28 (Natural)

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Mame (Zurich)

Panama - Bonita Spring SL28 150g

Notes: Pomegranate, Plum, Blackberries

Farmer: Yessie Hartmann
Farm: Bonita Spring
Altitude: 1250masl
Variety: SL28
Process: Natural

This coffee was featured in Monthly MAME 25.

The farm is now consulted by Yessie Hartmann, the daughter of Ratibor Hartmann, and the wife of Jean Paul Langenstein, the producer of Monthly MAME 24 :)

The variety is 
SL28, which is not so common yet in Panama. Yessie took over the farm in 2017 and planted SL28 variety as one of the experimental varieties, and it grows pretty happily and healthily despite the lower altitude of the farm (1250masl). To honour the variety itself, they carefully selected only ripe cherries; those cherries were placed in bags with water for 2 days to start the fermentation. Then they got dried on African beds for around 20 days, then a second drying procedure was done in a dark room with controlled humidifiers to slowly dry them.

This two-step drying ensures flavours to be highlighted and intense. In the cup you find two different qualities of acidities (malic and citric), exotic fruits like dragon fruits and white tea. 
vation of the environment.” Ratibor Hartmann