KENYA - Nyeri Thiriku PB SL28 (Washed)

KENYA - Nyeri Thiriku PB SL28 (Washed)

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Sheep & Raven (Warsaw)

Kenya - Nyeri Thiriku PB SL28 200g

Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Citrus Fruits

Region: Nyeri
Producer: Thiriku Cooperative
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL28
Growing Height: 1880-1970masl
Harvest: 2023


Kenya's coffee industry has been experiencing some confusion in recent years: farmers are disappointed with the very low profits and corruption of cooperative officials, and crop yields are falling. Farmers in the area where the Thiriku car wash is now located have started replacing coffee with other profitable crops for these and perhaps other reasons. However, when the dynamics in the cooperative society changed with the advent of a new importer, many farmers resumed coffee cultivation thanks to the promise of a stable basic income every season. In return, farmers committed to producing the highest quality coffee and improving their agricultural practises in close cooperation with local agronomist Bernard Gichimu. It is thanks to this better cooperation between farmers and the Thiriku cooperative that it has become a special car wash, invariably producing some of the best in the country.


SL28 was bred by Scott Laboratories in 1931 from Tanganyika D.R. It has become very popular throughout Kenya and is recognised as a variety of exceptional quality. At the same time, the performance of SL28 is relatively low. Although there is insufficient evidence, some sources say that Scott Labs crossed the French Mission, Mocha, and Yemen Typica mutations to produce SL 28. Regardless of the exact genetic composition, their original goal was almost certainly to create a plant with high quality and reasonable productivity and high drought resistance.


The washing method is the most common method. Freshly picked coffee is sorted for maturity and the fruit is removed within 24 hours.

In washed coffees, only grains without pulp and peel are used. Washed coffee depends almost 100% on whether the grain has absorbed enough natural sugars and nutrients during the growth cycle. Washed coffees reflect both the knowledge of growing excellent coffee beans and the fact that farmers play an integral role in creating the flavour of coffee. Looking at washed coffees, it becomes obvious that the country of origin and environmental conditions play a key role in creating flavour.Maturity, fermentation, washing and drying are absolutely crucial.

About Sheep & Raven


I started the coffee roastery, Sheep and Raven, because I wanted to share my experience and taste preferences that I gained during my long journey in the world of coffee. Here, you will be able to find the same exact coffees that I would drink everyday. Competing in championships opened me up to different flavors and methods of brewing coffee beans, so every one of you can easily find something for themselves.