INDONESIA - Ciwidey (Washed)

INDONESIA - Ciwidey (Washed)

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Ripsnorter (Rotterdam)

Indonesia - Ciwidey 200g

Expect notes of green apple, white tea, brown sugar.

Region: Bandung
Producer: Yugian and Lucy
Variety: Sigararutang and S-795
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600masl

The farm really held high gender equality, with women being represented in the coffee industry. Almost 70% of its farm members are women empowered, with dedication towards coffee and the industry. Both are passionate and environmentally conscious coffee entrepreneurs like them who will have a great impact on the industry, uplifting the environment with zero waste management throughout their production process, all the way from picking cherries to water waste and everything in between. ⁠ ⁠

Most of all, they both are great coffee educators on all things agriculture, post-harvest processing, sustainable coffee farming, and waste management. Grav Farm has been crowned 19th place in the 2021 Indonesia Cup of Excellence and as this booklet was written, they are currently in the final round of the 2022 Indonesia's cup of excellence.

Through the work we have done, we finally brought to you an exquisite lot produced specially for you all coffee lovers to taste. This lot was processed and developed using extended mucilage fermentation to produce its fruit-forward qualities. This is then washed and thin drying techniques are used to produce a refined, elegant, and well-balanced coffee.⁠

It Really is the best washed Indo coffee we have ever had!