ETHIOPIA - Tatmara (Natural)

ETHIOPIA - Tatmara (Natural)

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Frukt (Truku)

Ethiopia - Tatmara 250g

Taste: Pineapple, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry

Variety: 74112
Producer: Negussie Tadesse
Region: Kaffa
Altitude: 1800-2000masl
Process: Natural
Harvest: 2021

This exciting coffee is produced by Negussie Tadesse, a single producer, based in Kaffa, Ethiopia. Negussie produces only naturals at his farm The Tatmara Coffee Plantation. At the farm he abstains from the use of any agricultural inputs or pesticides. For the most part his farm is like a native forest more than a farm. This lot was 74112 variety.

For many years it was basically impossible to find any traceability to the farmer level in Ethiopia. Not to mention single producer coffees. Until a couple of years ago this was just the way it was with Ethiopian coffee market. Since the liberalisation of the industry it has been more common to come across single producer coffees out of Ethiopia. What makes Negussie especially interesting is the fact that he is exporting his own coffee himself. We are looking forward to buying his coffee in the future as well.

We found this coffee to be very clean and super aromatic. Fantastic natural. Tasting incredibly sweet with notes of peach, strawberry and tropical fruits with bright pineapple like acidity and smooth creamy mouthfeel. Bit of chocolate in the aftertaste. So nice.