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ETHIOPIA - Peachy Daze Espresso (Washed)

ETHIOPIA - Peachy Daze Espresso (Washed)

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Dak (Amsterdam)

Ethiopia - Peachy Daze Espresso 250g

The first washed Ethiopian of the new harvest.

White Peach, Lemon, Black Tea, Elderflower

Region: Chelbesa
Altitude: 2000m
Variety: Wolisho & Dega
Process: Washed
SNAP Specialty Coffee built their new wet mill in 2019 in a small hamlet called Danche with in the Chelbesa Village with the hope of reaching out to purchasing exclusively red cherries from the nearby farmers in Chelbesa Village. Their ambition became a reality after completion of the project. The fermentation tanks of the wet mill were built by ceramic which will help bring clarity in the coffee that they process as well as help fasten the fermentation through keep heat inside the ceramic.